Monday, September 30, 2013

Golden fields

As I was mowing Friday evening, I couldn't help noticing how beautiful the fields looked in the soon-to-be-setting sun.

Remember this field from just over a month ago?

This is it now:

It's ripening fast...

... and will soon be ready for harvest.

There are a lot of soybean fields in various stages of maturity around the countryside. We have some that are about ready to combine, where others, like this one, were planted later and have a ways to go yet. But they'll be changing fast.

Incidentally, in case you wondered (I'm sure you all did)... this is what I mow with:

I figured as long as I'd stopped and had the camera out, I'd snap a pic of it, too. It's kind of a monster machine, and I love it... it covers a lot of ground in a hurry!


annie dee said...

My sister (who wrote the manuals for JD) would say - gotta love a woman who drives a John Deere!!

Grandma G said...

Your sister wrote my manual?! Wow! So if I have any questions, I can ask her, huh? ;)