Monday, September 2, 2013

Izzy came back

Remember Izzy? She's the adorable little kitten that was born in our machine shed and that Courtney got to take home for her very own almost 3 weeks ago. She came back for a visit last Wednesday. She and Courtney got to spend the whole day here (Courtney's last full day here... from this week on, we'll only have after-school days again!).

Izzy had a blast. She loved playing with all of Josie's toys (that Josie rarely even looks at anymore). Josie, on the other hand, wasn't so thrilled to have her here. She gave her some nasty hisses and her meanest looks. She didn't touch her, though... just stayed at a distance and watched.

Izzy got worn out and just dropped in her tracks for a catnap.

She soon revived and did some more exploring. It didn't take her long to even make it to the top of Josie's tower. The very top!

She liked looking out the window at the other cats. She probably wanted to go out and play with them, too. I'm sure they'd have treated her nicer than Josie did. :)

Courtney kept pretty close watch on her all day. Literally. :)

Izzy was not camera shy. She wanted you to have a close-up, I guess.

Here's some of her happy play in action, at the bottom of the tower:

It was a fun day. Well, for everybody but Josie, that is. ;)


annie dee said...

Sorry Josie. But it's so much fun to watch kittens play! Izzy has a beautiful face. Cute

Jessica Jones said...


Anonymous said...

That cat will bring much joy.
Very cute photos.


Grandma G said...

Thanks! Yes, much joy, indeed!