Thursday, September 26, 2013

Little things

I took a few photos of some very little things the other day. This is the first installment.

Know what this is?

Nope... it's not a tomato. You need to consider the plant it's next to. That's purslane, which grows close to the ground and doesn't get very big.

Here's another perspective... next to my fingers:

Yep, VERY little! Now do you know what it is?

Here's another one, on its plant of origin:

If you guessed an asparagus seed pod, you are correct. Here's another one:

Rather pretty, aren't they?

While I was taking those pics, I noticed something else that was very small and similar-looking:

That's a spotted asparagus beetle. I think it's a bit late in the season for them. I should've picked him off and smooshed him, but I never even gave it a thought at the time. He made for a nice photo, though, didn't he?

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