Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The current crew

This is my current crew of kittens... well, most of them, anyway. Believe it or not, they're even all named! Clockwise from the top, starting with the little pale funny-marked one... Annabelle, Scamp, Climber, Pete the Cat, Bitsy, Rascal, Spotty.

There was one more out there, but he prefers sitting on laps to eating kitten food. And he's quite determined, too... he leaps from the ground and goes right up your leg. I have many puncture marks in my legs. :( His name was Batman (because of the bat wings over his ears), but yesterday we revised it to Bratman. Courtney brought her camera yesterday, so she was taking pics at the same time as I was. She had a "helper"... none other than Bratman himself!

The orange guy below wasn't out there at the time. His name is O.J. They crack me up drinking out of the birdbath. You'd think I didn't give them water with their food.

So those are the regulars (not counting the 10 adults). However, a new kitten showed up a few days ago. It was the cutest little Siamese-looking one I've ever seen! He was also very wild, and was gone again the next day. I don't even know who he belongs to, although it has to be Dots or Princess, who both appear to be feeding kittens but have never brought them around for me to see. Grandpa since saw that little one and two siblings (one that matched it, and one black-and-white) in the feed room by the cattle shed, and I went out and saw them the next morning, but they sure disappear in a hurry! Do you think I have enough cats? Yikes!


annie dee said...

Sounds like you are overrun with the critters. Where's the Pied Piper when you need him? But...they are so cute!

Grandma G said...

Pied Piper? Didn't he do rats? That's why we have the cats... to keep away the rats. ;)