Friday, October 11, 2013

"Golden hour" photos, Part 7 (final)

The sun was setting quickly as I was taking the last of my "golden hour" walk photos. I was next to a cornfield, which made for a pretty silhouette.

There went the sun:

I turned around and took a couple of pics on my way back to the house.

Yep, about ready for harvest!

When I got back up to the yard, I noticed this pile of twine, and it seemed so totally incongruous with what I had just been looking at, that I had to take a picture of it, too. Ha!

I hope you enjoyed my walk. I'll probably do it again sometime and try to capture more fall colors. I'll be sure to share with you if I do!


annie dee said...

First 2 in this batch are my favorite of the whole series. All are wonderful. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your walk. It brings me home for a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Very wonderful photos of things I used to consider ordinary.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, everyone! Glad you enjoyed them!

Евгения Паскаль said...

Hello! I really like your blog! :)
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Grandma G said...

Thank you! I hope you enjoy your new blog!