Monday, October 7, 2013

Izzy, revisited

Since I already interrupted my "golden hour" photo series, I'll show you something else before getting back to them.

I brought Courtney home after her time here last Tuesday so that I could see Izzy again, as I hadn't seen her for quite a while. She's growing fast! She also moves fast, so it was hard to get good pics of her, but here are a few somewhat blurry ones for you:

Yep, she's as feisty and sassy as she looks! And loads of fun. :)

(She looks great on that quilt, doesn't she Auntie Kris? ;) )


annie dee said...

Izzy isn't a fuzzy kitten anymore, is she? She's growing into a beautiful young cat for sure! Is the relationship between the Courtney and Izzy also blooming? Kitty looks happy!

Grandma G said...

Oh, yeah... they're growing and blooming together! :)

Auntie Kris said...

Izzy is growing up quickly. Must be from all that love Courtney gives her. And yes, I was admiring your photos of the quilt. I posted photos of the quilts I've made on Pinterest last night, and none of them look as bright as your photos. Those photo classes were worth it. Your photos turn out so well.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Kris! Yes, I am sooo glad I took the photo classes! Knowing how to set the "white balance" made all the difference in the world for those pics!

Now I must try to find you on Pinterest. I want to see your other quilts! :)

Anonymous said...

She is starting to look like a Halloween cat.

Grandma G said...

Haha! Yeah, maybe just a bit of wickedness there. ;)