Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pattern testing again, Part 2

Back in this post, I showed you some fabrics I was using to test another pattern. Here they are again:

A part of the test also involved some of these tiny polybeads:

And this "Contraption" I made:

Taken apart, it looks like this:

It's just a little silicone funnel and a section of a toilet paper roll taped into a narrow tube. Fastened together, they were very useful in adding some of the polybeads - which were measured with a medicinal measuring spoon (you know, the kind you get for giving prescription meds to children) - to the bottoms of these:

So I was working with some pretty small items.

Next there came this:

After sewing everything together and stuffing it with polyfill stuffing (for which a medical hemostat/forceps worked wonders) and a few more polybeads, and this is what I ended up with:

She is all of 10½ inches tall! Isn't she sweet? Of course she's lacking clothes right now, but you'll have to come back in a couple of days to see what she gets to wear.

I made this doll using a free tutorial written by my friend, LiEr, for whom I've tested other patterns, the most recent of which was the Bella Bag. She does a beautiful job of writing, making her tutorials and patterns so easy to follow.  I had no trouble at all making this little doll, and I look forward to testing more of the patterns for items that go with the doll. Yes, I'll be showing them to you eventually, too!

To see the doll tutorial and maybe give it a try yourself, check out LiEr's blog here. She'll give you all the details and even show you her "Contraption".


LiEr said...

Yes! And soon she will have clothes! Love those hair ribbons! Thank you, as always, for testing my patterns for me. I'll get off my behind now and start editing photos for the pattern. After I drink tea, of course. And eat chocolate. And maybe watch a movie... okay, okay, I'll stop putting it off already!

Grandma G said...

Hey, you must set a good example for your pattern tester! Tea and chocolate... YES!!

Мария Рыбакова said...

Very good idea, I wish you every success in sewing clothes for this Yunna lady :))

Grandma G said...

Thank you!

annie dee said...

Love her! Very cute! Where did you use the plaid fabric? What kind of fabric is the white/body? Felt? Knit? Clothes next, please!

Grandma G said...

Thanks! You'll have to guess where the plaid fabric went. Or wait till tomorrow to see. ;)

LiEr sent me the body fabric. According to her it's "a kind of velour - I think this one was called (generically) robe velour. It is a little bit plush on one side, and has no stretch in any direction at all. You can just as well use flannel or muslin or cotton. Just avoid knit and other traditional doll-making fabric, otherwise your doll will bloat and won't fit the clothes." (From a comment on her blog this a.m.)

Yes, clothes coming. :)