Friday, October 18, 2013

Pattern testing again

Other than repairing a seam, I haven't sewn anything since I made the last doll outfits. Whoa! That was way over a month ago! What have I been doing?! Not sure. Mowing, cleaning out the garden and dealing with produce, taking fall photos, writing blog posts, taking care of a certain kitten... stuff like that, I guess. 

I'm finally back at the sewing machine again, testing another pattern now. I can't say what it is yet, but you'll get to see the outcome eventually. Here's my faithful assistant (the big one) guarding my fabrics (from the little one). Actually, the little one can't even get up onto the table yet... or the chairs (thank goodness). I think Josie's just up there feeling safe from the terrors of Annabelle. Ha!

Here's she's showing off her glossy coat:

But back to the subject at hand... these are the fabrics I'm currently working on:

No more clues. Just be patient. And don't be surprised (or worried) if you don't see a blog post every day. I have a few other sewing projects on my "pile of intentions", too. Plus I'm running out of pics again... unless you want to see a lot more of Annabelle! ;)


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Cat pictures are always good with me. Your kitty is gorgeous!
Must be a sewing bug going around. I haven't sewed in a few years but lately have been wiping up blanket fleece pull on pants for the 18month old grandson. His mom wants them to be legging tight. I can do that, I just can't seem to draft a pattern that goes high enough in the back. Poor kid, he runs around with several inches of disposable diaper peeking out over the back waist area.

Grandma G said...

I bet it really bothers him a lot, too. ;) Keep trying, you'll get it right!