Thursday, October 31, 2013

Poor baby

Courtney and I took Annabelle to the vet after school on Tuesday to get her distemper shot. She was a very good little patient and didn't even flinch when she got the shot. Courtney loved being along to help.

Yesterday, the shot was apparently making Annabelle not feel so well. She ate and drank okay, but other than that, she slept all day. This is where she spent the day (except for when I napped in my recliner... then she was on me):

Yes, she does have quite the selection of toys... all the hand-me-downs from my other housecats. She normally LOVES them all and has tons of fun playing with them. It's so good to see the toys get some use, including the ones I'd bought for Josie hoping to stimulate her with some fun (well, some of them did... for like 5-10 minutes).

But note that the toys haven't been moved during any of these shots taken throughout the day. She just didn't feel up to playing.

Yes... she IS still alive!

Josie certainly missed her entertainment. She was totally bored:

Annabelle seemed to perk up considerably after supper, so hopefully today will be much better, although yesterday she also sounded like she might be coming down with a cold again. Aargh. We'll see how it goes.....

Update: Annabelle is back to her bouncy, flying-around, having-fun-with-everything self this morning - yay! She's been moving too fast to get any photos, but here's one of Josie watching her. Ha!

She's also had Josie doing some running, too.  I think they're both happy. :)

She still has some chest congestion, but it's mostly when she first gets up from sleeping (like me in the mornings) and once she gets it cleared out, she seems fine. I'll keep an eye on her and see if anything develops.


annie dee said...

Ah ha! Do you think this is a glimmer of Josie missing Annabelle's attentions? I'm sure Annabelle will bound back soon.

Grandma G said...

Definitely Josie missed her!

I've updated the post with Annabelle's delightful status today. She and Josie were BOTH running like maniacs for a bit! :)