Friday, April 25, 2014


These photos are pretty self-explanatory. I took them last Saturday. I figured I'd better get them blogged before they're outdated!

Any day now. Rainbow and two others. I'll keep ya posted (if I can find them)!

Update: Gee, I'm updating this before it even gets onto my blog! After writing the above, I discovered that one of the other mothers was, indeed, having kittens. She only had one at the time that I saw her. I'll take photos and post when I can!

Update to the Update: Sad news this morning. All I found were 4 dead kittens. They hadn't even been dried off yet. My guess is that a tom cat is responsible. The mother was there and ate, and she didn't seem to be troubled, so possibly she had others and moved them to somewhere else. Time will tell, I guess. Or maybe not. This is the part of kitten season that I hate.


Jessica Jones said...

I love kitten season.

Grandma G said...

Yeah... except for the sad parts. See the "Update to the Update". :(

LiEr said...


annie dee said...

So sorry. So sad~~