Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Signs of spring

Spring. Really? Such crazy insane weather we've been having! On Monday, it actually got up to 70° for just a bit, then the temperature quickly started plummeting... all the way down to 17° that night, with a dusting of snow!!! A drop of 53° - unbelievable - but true!

This was the view from my sewing room window late Sunday afternoon:

Sure beats that snowbank that totally blocked my view for so long! Here's the other end of it, in front of the deck:

The snow has really been dirty, thanks to all that WIND we've had, blowing the soil off the fields along with the snow. Look what's left behind on the deck after its snowbank melted:


I discovered this little doorway(?) in some snow under an evergreen tree. I wonder what was living in there:

The good news is, the snow has been melting very fast, on those few warm days we have had. That bank in front of the deck is now 99% gone - hurray!

Look what I found in the garden:

The rhubarb is peeking out!

My tulips are making progress, too, despite some very cold nights. They haven't gotten much taller, but the leaves are opening up:

I've seen a few robins on the ground now, though not very many. The ground is still too cold for the worms to be accessible.

Blackbirds are hanging around now, too, although not a lot of them yet:

Soooo.... I think spring is here. Now why, oh why do we have to have another Winter Storm Watch for tomorrow, with a possible 5" or more of snow (with wind, of course)?????


Just as a side note: I'm getting a new computer soon (tomorrow, weather permitting), so if I disappear for a while, it likely means I'm trying to get things figured out. Ugh... I dread it. But it'll be nice once I do get it the way I want it! And no hackers will get me via my old Windows XP! ;)


annie dee said...

Ah. The WinXP thing. Good luck with the new PC hunting and honeymooning. And hooray for melting and warm days! Finally. But don't be gone too long. Promise?

Grandma G said...

Yeah... the XP thing. Ugh. But the hunt is done. It's actually already custom built, and we were gonna load it tomorrow. However, the Winter Storm Warning of 6-10" of snow + wind starting tomorrow afternoon just might mean that won't happen till Monday. But I promise to get things up and rolling as fast as I can... whenever it does happen. Thanks for caring! :)

I don't have much for new photos right now, either. Wanna see more fresh snow? ;-P