Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring sights

I have to remind myself that it's really spring, since it was so cold yesterday. It was even snowing when I woke up, and the ground was white. Yuck. But it changed to drizzly rain, which carried on all day long, and the whiteness was soon all gone. Here are some pics I took last Friday, which was a MUCH nicer day.

Getting close!

Those were poppy plants. Look how hairy the leaves are:

Yep, the grass is growing. Whenever this rain stops (which according to the forecast isn't going to be for a few days, at least), it's certainly going to need mowing. That doesn't exactly excite me.


annie dee said...

I love that collage of the purple flowers. Pansy?

Grandma G said...

Nope. Think tiny. Violas, a.k.a. johnny jump-ups. Also see tags at the end of the post. ;)

annie dee said...

I see the ;0)