Monday, May 5, 2014

Backyard sightings

A hen pheasant:

See how well she blends in with her surroundings:

And even more so here:

Here's her mate (photo taken through a screen):

I see him around quite regularly. One morning he even woke me up crowing right outside the bedroom window. (I got ambitious and took the screen off for this next shot.)

And I often see this little guy(gal?), too. He's not too afraid. I got about 10 feet away from him before he decided to run after I took this picture:

He blends in pretty well, too... but not as well as he thinks he does. ;)

I've seen two of them now and then, too. Perhaps I'll see lots more soon. I think it'd be fun to find a nest of babies. What a photo shoot that'd be!


annie dee said...

How neat to see pheasants. I've seen a zillion rabbits here too - big, medium and teeny!

Grandma G said...

Do your dogs get excited about the rabbits? One of my cats went after this guy one day... it was pretty funny. He had big hopes, but no success. :)

annie dee said...

My ferocious aggressive guard dogs all but ignore rabbits. Now if it was a cheeseburger sitting motionless on the side lawn, it would be attack in an instant!!!

Grandma G said...

Cheeseburger hunters - yay! :)