Thursday, May 22, 2014

Triple Zip Pouch #6

I thought I'd take a picture of this project in the process, just for fun. If you saw this, could you imagine what it was going to turn into?

How 'bout from this side?

Well, here it is, all finished! It's a Triple Zip Pouch, my 6th one, in fact. (You can see the others here.) They're so fun (and addictive) to make!

The fabric is Jess's latest, Arrow. I love sewing on home decor weight fabric... except for one thing. Topstitching can easily get wonky because of the coarser weave. I was really disappointed in the topstitching on this pouch, as I think it's my worst ever. The two smaller pieces between the zips were printed a bit off-grain (which is pretty common in any fabric next to the selvage, but I don't know why), so I cut with the print, not the grain. The off-grain-ness made the stitching that much worse. Too bad you can't see the back side of those seams... they're perfectly straight! :) Oh, well....

Here's the back:

It's the perfect size for my rotary cutters and extra blades:

A little size comparison with my Gadget Guard iPad cover:

Very fun!


Debbie said...

Oh these look terrific in the arrow fabric!!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Debbie!

annie dee said...

Once again - wow! Great! Love the fussy cut too.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Annie Dee! The fussy cutting took some thought!