Thursday, May 29, 2014


It seemed like it instantly turned to summer in one day. The birds all came back, and I have been thoroughly enjoying them. One day last week, just in the time I was at the table having my lunch, I saw five different kinds of birds on the deck - baltimore orioles, an orchard oriole, robins, chipping sparrow, and goldfinches. I had the camera at the ready next to me, and I managed to get photos of all of them except the orchard oriole who was too quickly chased off by a baltimore oriole.

The baltimore orioles seem to be extra-bright orange this year. Here are some random photos, some from that day, and some from later which look better because I'd washed the windows in between times. ;)

I snapped this next one just a split-second too late. :)

That was the male. Here's the female, wondering where he was flying off to, I guess.

The female again:

Kind of an awkward way to eat, if you ask me:

And the brilliant male once more:

Can you guess who's splashing in the birdbath below?

If you said robin, you're wrong. It was the tiny chipping sparrow. He was having a great time!

And finally, some goldfinches:

They don't care at what angle they eat, either.

I am sooo glad I put that birdbath out there. It really attracts. I hope I get to see (and get photos of) some unusual birds again this year... like last summer's blue grosbeak.

Update: I saw the blue grosbeak at the birdbath today (Friday). I'm so glad he came back! He left too soon for photos, though. I'll probably never get another as good as last year's, anyway. :)


annie dee said...

Beautiful. A rainbow of feathers!

Grandma G said...

Yep - I love the colors! And I DID see the blue grosbeak today - hurray!