Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gadget Guard #1

I've been sewing! I actually finished this a few days ago, but other things got in the way of my taking photos and getting it posted. Finally, here it is:

It's called a Gadget Guard. This particular one is for my iPad. I'd made a case for it before, but that one has always been just a little bit too tight, so when this pattern came out, I happily purchased it.

It's the most recent pattern by one of my favorite pattern writers, Erin Erickson. (Perhaps you've heard me mention her name before? Ha!)

Yep, she's done it again... another perfect pattern! And the neat thing about this pattern is that it contains a formula for making a Gadget Guard for any type of device up to one inch thick.

It has a front pocket which because of the pleat easily holds your charging cable and adaptor, and/or a lot of other stuff.

The top zipper opens a little beyond the end of the opening to make it easy to insert your gadget.

Erin even includes a nifty little trick for making those zipper tabs just perfect!

This case was quite easy to sew. It has some similarities to the Get Carded wallet, of which I've made eight(!), so I was all practiced up for putting some parts of it together. It's padded with Soft and Stable interfacing, which I love! It gives a nice cushion for your device, plus it's easy to sew.

One would think I'm addicted to Erin's patterns... and they'd be right! So addicted, in fact, that because she has all her patterns at 25% off right now, I went and purchased a couple more to add to my stash. I thought I had checked before, but it turns out that I'd already purchased them during her last sale. Aargh! But Erin was very gracious and refunded my money. Now I'm waiting to see what she'll come up with next... word has it that she's been working on new patterns - hurray! Meanwhile, if you're interested in any of her current patterns, they're still on sale until May 12th.

The fabric is Jess's newest - Arrow - which can be purchased at The Needle Shop.

Oh, yeah... did you notice this is "#1"? This Gadget Guard is for my own iPad. I just may be making another one. A new addiction, perhaps??? ;)


annie dee said...

That front pleated expanding pocket and the zipper ends that go beyond the pouch are TERRIFIC ideas. Love this fabric too. Really nice.

Live a Colorful Life said...

I love Erin's patterns as well. Great instructions with lots of pictures--the best part in my opinion because I'm a visual learner. This looks great in Jess's fabric!

Jessica Jones said...

I love it!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, all!

Gayle said...

Great gadget holder !!! Love the colours too.

Jo said...

Love your funky fabric choice!

Grandma G said...

Thank you, ladies!

Erin @ Dog Under My Desk said...

Oooh I like the teal zips! I have some of the Arrow fabric to make a Daytripper but I couldn't find matchy matchy zips (and you know how I feel about that!) but a LQS came to the rescue this weekend! For the record, YKK "Twilight" matches the navy about as perfectly as I could ask for! :)

I'm glad that the iPad charging brick fits. My Macbook charger is big and bulky and it kind of defeats the purpose of a slim sleeve anyway, so I didn't worry about it fitting, but the Kindle and iPad ones fit and that's awesome.

Your zipper tab looks fabulous!

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Erin! Also for the heads up on the navy zip!