Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Morning macros

It's such a beautiful morning today, which seems to be rare these days, so I just had to take the camera out for a little play practice time. It's been unusually cold, for the most part, so spring has progressed slowly. The trees are only beginning to leaf out.

Here are some pretty macro (very close up) shots of those same leaves:

A good thing about the chilly temps is that the tulips have lasted much longer than usual. They're still blooming, although nearing the end.

The violas are getting thicker...

And of course the dandelions are popping up all over.

I've mowed once, and thanks to recent rains, need to again very soon. Miss C comes again today after school, and we need to finish our 'project' from yesterday, which I'll show you soon. I've also cut out another small sewing project. So I've been busy. I haven't planted any garden yet, but that'll need to happen soon, too.


Mark said...

Who determines what are weeds and what are flowers? Especially when a dandelion can be so beautiful in a picture. Can you imagine how much less work and money would be saved if we would embraced dandelions and our lawns would be a sea of yellow. Just one of those Hmmmm thoughts. As always amazing macro pictures!

Grandma G said...

Hmmm... I think you were up waaay too early, Mark! Your sleepy brain has forgotten how much "fun" it is mowing through that sea of gray seed fluff that follows the yellow. But thanks. :)