Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Naughty kitty!

Look at this:

Bet you can't guess what happened. Last Friday I bought a few peaches, the first of the season here. I'd left them in an open bag on the counter to ripen a bit more. Later I went to the basement, and while I was down there, I heard a loud 'thump' upstairs. I knew that meant that Annabelle had gotten into something, as she LOVES to do as soon as I'm out of sight. I went back upstairs, and sure enough, she'd gotten one of the peaches out of the bag and rolled it onto the floor. Thank goodness it was unripe enough that it didn't make a big splat. In fact, it was so hard that it didn't show any damage at all.

After that, I didn't dare leave the bag open, so I closed it with a twist tie, thinking she wouldn't push the whole bag onto the floor. I was right... she didn't. HOWEVER, what she did do yesterday afternoon was chew into EVERY peach 'through' the bag!!! I couldn't believe it! What a brat!

So every peach was damaged. But the good news is that she didn't bite clear through the bag. In other words, her teeth didn't touch the peaches. Messy though they were, Grandpa and I each ate one for supper, and they were really quite delicious! The rest are now safe in the fridge.


Jessica Jones said...

Ha ha ha!

annie dee said...

She eats peaches? I guess that's not so weird. One of my guys like mushrooms and peas. Silly cat!

Grandma G said...

Well, she never actually ate any. She didn't even get a taste, because the bag wasn't pierced at all. She could probably smell them through the bag, but that's it. Silly, indeed!!

LiEr said...

Silly cat! Glad the peaches could be saved for dinner, though!

Grandma G said...

Yep, they were... um... extra-juicy! ;)