Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hiding again

Remember back in April when I showed you one of Josie's favorite hiding spots? I told you she had another favorite spot, and I managed to capture her hiding there again one day.

Same hallway, different room. Can't see her, can you?

Nah... still can't see her!

And if she looks away, you STILL can't see her!!!

Okay, so she got busted, and took off before I could adjust the camera settings for a better shot, but...

... I found her! :)

BTW, I mentioned her limp in that post. As of now, the limp is gone! The first glucosamine product didn't seem to help any, so I tried a different kind after that was gone, and two weeks later she had completely quit limping. I gradually tapered the dosage down until there was none left, and she hasn't had any for at least 3 weeks, and still no limp. Maybe once the glucosamine is totally out of her system, she'll start limping again... or (hopefully) whatever it was has healed and she won't have the problem again. Time will tell.


annie dee said...

Does she cycle through spots, napping in each for a few days at a time and throw in a new one or two? I have spent many long nervous hours looking for the newest spot. And my guys are very clever. I think they do this to give me the exercise.

Grandma G said...

My house doesn't have a lot of hiding places, so I don't very often "lose" the cats. Their usual napping spots are their tower, window perches, and often even their beds(!)... and they especially love napping on me when I nap in my recliner. ;)