Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Look who came back!

I skipped a day! Did anybody even miss me??? ;)

Okay... back to it.....

I was sitting at the kitchen table eating my lunch yesterday, and I happened to glance out the window and notice my blue grosbeak at the birdbath. I grabbed the camera, but I was too far away with the wrong lens on the camera to really get a good shot of him.

I'd seen him a time or two before that, but he never stayed long enough for a photo. I am just happy to know that he came back to nest again this year, since they aren't normally seen in this area.

He hopped into the water and did a little splashing around, so I hurriedly sneaked closer to the window and managed this shot:

None of those pictures are comparable to the ones I got last year, though.

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Grandma G said...

See? I KNEW nobody missed me yesterday! ;)