Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I bet you thought you were done seeing so many cat/kitten photos since my garage babies are gone, right? Ha! No such luck!

I noticed this little scene on the driveway awhile back, before the garage kittens were gone, actually.

It was Patches and one of her three remaining kittens. This is the only female of the three. Patches decided to bring her up to the house, and I was inside the garage door, so the kitten didn't see me. How sweet is this next pic, huh?

They kept coming...

... and suddenly the baby noticed Rainbow's kittens by the garage!

Look at that bottle brush tail!

She was okay with getting checked out. I'm not so sure about Patches, though. ;)

She is soooo pretty!

I just love her markings!

She's pretty skittish yet. She took off in a hurry when she finally saw me that day.

I'm working on taming her. She's the only female kitten remaining of this year's litters, and I want to make sure she survives if I can. And I want to be able to cuddle her! I'm able to get closer and closer to her when she's eating now, and she no longer immediately runs when I make eye contact with her, so that's progress. I haven't named her yet, although I did think of a name I kinda liked the other day... and then I forgot it! Ha!

The only other kitten I can hold is one of Dash's two little white guys. He was wandering around lost in the machine shed with his eyes stuck shut one day, so I've caught him and treated his eyes a few times, and he's not afraid of me anymore. So at least I have one I can snuggle.

There are only six kittens left of all the litters that were born. I don't know what's happened to most of them. Mama kitty had hers at the neighbor's again. I know she's still nursing some, so I hope she'll bring them over for a visit someday soon, although I'm sure they'll be very wild.


annie dee said...

Love the pic of the silver tabby giving her mom a rub!! Patches looks like a small cat. Is she young herself?

Grandma G said...

Patches is 4 years old, but she's pretty thin right now. She had an injury or something a couple weeks ago and a bad infection, and I thought she wasn't gonna make it, but somehow she pulled through (even while nursing kittens) and is much better now. She may have used up one of those 9 lives, I think.

Jessica Jones said...

Your pictures are so pretty!

Grandma G said...

Thank you! That's 'cause the subject is so pretty. :)