Friday, August 1, 2014

American Girl doll Rash Guard Surfer Top and Boy Cut Shorts

I've been squeezing in some sewing time here and there recently, a little bit at a time. I finally finished an AG doll outfit that I had cut out a couple weeks ago. It's a rash guard swim suit, another Friday free pattern from Pixie Faire

In case the fabric looks familiar, I only had two old swimsuits to get it from, so this outfit sorta goes with the swimsuits I'd made before, and I've used part of one suit for panties, too. (Good use for those old suits!) 

I like how it turned out, except that my decorative topstitching leaves a lot to be desired. My sewing machine didn't like going over the bulk of the seams, even though they weren't really that bulky. But the fabric was thin and a little slippery, so it didn't work the best. I think if I made another, I'd just skip the contrasting topstitching. That was what took the most time, plus changing thread colors back and forth. Otherwise, it was pretty simple to make, if you don't mind sewing on thin, stretchy fabric. The stretchiness makes for an easy fit, though, and it wasn't even necessary to put elastic in the waistband.

I hope Courtney's Marie Grace will be happy with it! At least she won't be getting any rashes on her arms when she goes surfing!


annie dee said...

So cute! I don't mind the fabric reuse. I think the two prints look good together.

Jessica Jones said...

So that's what a rash guard is.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Annie Dee! Yes, fortunately the two fabrics worked together.

Gee, Jess... where have you been?! Ha, don't feel bad - I had to look it up. They're also to protect against sunburn. :)