Monday, October 13, 2014

Harvest sunset

Friday evening I happened to glance out the garage window and saw the beautiful glow of the sun setting behind the trees.

After the sun had set, I moved over a ways and caught the silhouette of the  barely moving windmill in the remaining glow. There was hardly a breath of a breeze that evening.

Did you notice the combine going down the road in the photo above? Here's another photo, cropped so you can see it better:

The dust, from the road and from what the combines stirred up in the fields, just hung in the air, and I think that's what made for the brilliant glow of the sunset.

It was an incredibly beautiful and peaceful evening.


annie dee said...

Gorgeous photos. Thanks!

Grandma G said...

Thank YOU! And you're welcome. :)

Mark said...

Twenty years ago you would of never thought a windmill would be part of great sunset pictures.

Grandma G said...

That's true! So do you think they detract from the photos or add a little 'something'?