Monday, July 27, 2015

Another sighting

Sorry for the photo overload, but I couldn't help it. These just struck me as so funny. You should see all the ones I'm not posting! Ha!

Remember these photos from exactly a month ago? Well, on Saturday evening I happened to see the hen turkey (I'm sure it must be the same one) flying waaaay up into the trees again, followed by her 5 (remaining) babies. I had to go out and see how they would tuck under her wings this time, since they've grown an awful lot in the last month.

Here she is, with two of the chicks, right after landing up there. She's kind of panting from the long flight. (I hope you can see the pics okay... you can click on them for a bit larger view, but I didn't want to make them too big, with this many photos.)

"Wait, I think I see a better spot up there."

"Follow me!"

Consultation going on below as to suitability. I love the silhouettes!

"You think this is high enough?"

"Okay, this'll do. We're staying right here... settle down!"

"Time to tuck in, kids."

"This isn't working like it used to!"

"Squeeze together."

"Where's George? That kid's always fooling around somewhere!" (I could hear the 5th chick peeping in a nearby branch. They still peep like tiny babies yet.)

"Look for George, will ya?"

"This just isn't working...."

"Okay... everybody up and turn around!"

"Oh, mercy. Settle down, kids! George!!!"

"Snuggle in close now and go to sleep. George will have to fend for himself. Again."

And that is how I left them. Not quite as snuggly as in the other post, huh? LOL

Crazy birds. But quite entertaining at times. ;)


annie dee said...

Oh my. Too silly! They are getting too big for that mom. Do you think she'd be considered a helicopter mom? Ha! Great photos!

Grandma G said...

Thanks! I don't know about the helicopter mom - ha! Nice to see you back, and thanks for all your comments this a.m. I've been missing you here!

Jenny said...

George was probably the backwards one in the first post about this family. At least she didn't have to bathe them all and then wrestle them into their pajamas! Although I'd take that over sleeping on a branch any day!


Grandma G said...

Haha, Jenny! And you're probably right about George. :-D

Geneviève Thiffault said...

The captions are perfect 😂. I was thinking the same as Jenny, "yeah, George must be the backward one".

I really like the picture of the flying turkey because her wings are spread and we can see some new feathers details. Also, the silhouette picture is stunning!

Grandma G said...

Thank you, my friend! :)