Thursday, July 23, 2015

Crafting with Courtney

Courtney was here for the day yesterday, and she happened to bring her "sewing machine", along with all of her felt supplies. I guess she had plans - or hopes, huh? ;) So we worked on a fun little project.

Here's some of the process. Can you tell what's happening? Look at our pieces and piles!

Here's a big clue:

And here is the outcome:

Yes, it's a koala, and she's (it's a girl, according to C) about this big:

I was prepared for a stuffie project this time, as a few weeks ago I'd come across this tutorial and thought it was pretty cute. Courtney thought so, too... in fact, she loved it!

I printed the templates, and Courtney cut them all out and also cut almost all of the fleece and felt pieces herself. The tutorial calls for all hand stitching, but I thought it'd work to use her little machine (plus save a lot of time). However, there were too many layers in places, so we decided it would be best to sew it on my sewing machine. That went quickly, and we both did the stuffing of the body and limbs. Then a little hot gluing (by me) finished it off. It was a fun project, and Courtney happily took the koala home to add to her ever-growing collection.

I finished my own sewing project the night before, too, but haven't had time for photos yet. Hopefully I'll be able to show it to you tomorrow. Here's a little peek at it in the very early stages. Any guesses?


Geneviève Thiffault said...

That's so cute! There seems to be some evolution between her last projects, the stuffies seem to get a little bigger (which might be easier to sew/manipulate). As for your sewing project, I was thinking of a bag, because well, you do seem to like sewing bags. ;P

By the way, Courtney is rocking that haircut, is suits her so well! :)

Grandma G said...

Thanks! Bigger projects definitely work better. Heheh. :)

You know me too well. But maybe you need to be a little more specific. Let's see how well you really do know me! ;)

Yes, I do love the haircut, too!

Geneviève Thiffault said...

Hemm.. That's kinda hard to guess. I would say some kind of tote with a pocket?

Grandma G said...

Wellll... kinda sorta! ;)

Jenny said...

Like the Koala! The pink cheeks and green bamboo shoots really add the perfect touch of color.

As for your next project, based on prior history, probability says it is an Erin Erikson pattern? Not seeing any peeks of the new fabric though (but love that ribbon!). I'm sure whatever it is will be beautiful. :)


Grandma G said...

Thanks, Jenny! :)

Now you have your thinkin' cap on for sure! On the right track! ;)

The new samples arrived at Cloud9, but so far not in my mailbox. Holding my breath......

annie dee said...

Great job to that young lady in the photos who can't be Courtney because she looks too old to be Courtney. Jeez she's growing up fast!