Monday, July 6, 2015

Well... where was I?

I feel very out-of-the-groove when it comes to writing blog posts! Yikes! I guess I took too much time off sewing kangaroos and mowing, etc., etc., and I lost my blog-train-of-thought. Plus, I've taken sooo many pics with my iPad (which now end up automatically on my PC, too - thanks a heap, Jenny!!) that I'm feeling overwhelmed with photos and don't know where to start showing you stuff. Aargh.

Also, I must confess that I'm a bit addicted to Instagram. Hello... my name is Grandma G, and I'm an IG addict. There. I feel better now. Ha. However... if you want to see those photos, you don't have to have an IG account. Just go to (if that doesn't work for you, try taking the 's' off of https) and you can see them, plus some cute kitten videos!

That being said, here I am back with what else but a cat story. 

This, as you probably recognize, is Autumn. When I saw her doing this, I thought I had another weird-water-drinking cat.

She caught me shooting her. "I am not weird!"

Then she went back to it.

But I noticed something and had to go outside for a closer look:

Uh oh!

Some poor little goldfinch didn't fare so well!

I don't know who did it. Maybe Autumn, but I kind of doubt it.

I was hoping it was the goldfinch that has been persistently trying to get through our living room windows for the last WEEK and won't give up... but I was not so lucky. He's still at it. (There's even a video of him on my Instagram feed.)


Geneviève Thiffault said...

Hi Grandma G! :P

Seriously? This bird seems to be equally persistant as it is silly. The cat didn't pick the right one to eat..

And is Autumn a bad hunter? Or she would have the decency to do her hunting elsewhere than in your birdbath? :P

Grandma G said...

Well, hi Geneviève! Long time no see! ;)

I don't know if she's a bad hunter or not. It's just that I don't think she'd have been so curious if she'd have been the one to do the deed. Y'know?

annie dee said...

Goldfinch tea? Silly cat!

Grandma G said...