Wednesday, July 22, 2015

They're growing

Those turkey babies are getting big fast. I don't know if this is the same bunch I saw in the tree or not, as there were at least 8 of those, and I've only ever seen 5 around here since then. Maybe something ate the others. I wouldn't feel bad at all about that. I hope they made meals for my cats. Heaven knows, these are certainly eating enough of my cats' food lately. Aargh. They're as bad as the 'coons, except that they drink all the cat water instead making mud of it.

They're not very afraid, either. I come across them quite often, and they just slowly meander off, sticking close to their mama. At least I haven't seen any others around, small or big.

On a better subject... I'm sewing! Just about finished with something for myself... will show you soon. Then rumor has it that the samples of Jess's new fabrics have come in, so hopefully I'll be working on projects with them very soon - yay!


Geneviève Thiffault said...

Well, if three were lost in a month, in two months maybe none will be left? :P

Really nice that you got some time to sew between your mowing sessions. :D

Grandma G said...

I like your thinking!! :)

Thank you. Ha! And I just finished mowing again tonight. But if we don't get rain soon, it sure won't need mowing for a while. It's starting to look a little brown in places.

annie dee said...

I know they are pesky but so cute. We have a family of foxes in the neighborhood this summer. The little one(s) are so sweet but when they stop running away and circle back to bark at my dogs it's very disconcerting. Freaks me out a bit. And one of my dogs loves to have long conversation s with him/her!