Thursday, July 21, 2016

Port & Sort Tote

As I mentioned a time or two, I've been working on another pattern test. I finished the sewing and just this morning received the finalized pattern to read through one more time. So it won't be long before it'll be available for purchase! If you follow the ikatbag blog, you'll know that LiEr has written a pattern for the Port & Sort Tote she designed. And many of you know I test patterns for her and have done a number of them before, so I got to test this one, too. Since the pattern is no surprise, I get to show you my finished tote, even though the pattern itself is not quite ready to purchase yet.

I took a few progress photos along the way. If you purchase her pattern and make the tote, maybe you'll find it helpful to see how I did things. As always, Wonder Clips came in very handy for me. I don't know how I ever survived without them!

Put all that stuff together, and this is what you get:

It's a bag held closed with a separating zipper, which when unzipped looks like this:

There are partitions sewn inside that can either be fastened via velcro to the sides for an open compartment or, as below, divided into smaller sections using that same velcro to hold the partitions.

The tote can be used for ever-so-many types of things, and the side flaps can be held down and out of the way with the invisible (or regular) magnetic snaps. There are pockets on both ends of the tote, too.

It can be zipped up with items inside, keeping them secure.

There are also two other strap options, which you can see on LiEr's blog post (plus there's a supplies list in case you know you're going to buy the pattern and want to get a jump on getting ready while you wait for it). I chose to make the straps that have the rectangular rings, because 1) that's the one LiEr asked me to make, and 2) that's the one I would've chosen, anyway, because the straps fold down and out of the way so nicely (plus hardware is cool).

The pattern has been going through a lot of revision, so by the time it's all said and done, it'll hopefully be 'just right'. It's not a pattern for beginners, but if you have some bag-making experience, you should be able to handle it. There are some curves to sew, including the zipper installation, and there are some thick seams than can be challenging, so keep that in mind.

LiEr also posted a tutorial for making little collapsible inserts that are just the right size to fit inside the Port & Sort Tote. You can find that tutorial here. I wanted to try one for myself, and you may have noticed it in the one photo above. Here's a better look:

The outer fabric for the tote and the insert are from Jess's In Theory barkcloth collection for Cloud9 Fabrics.

Below is a little collage showing the insert, which has a zippered bottom that when unzipped allows the box to be folded flat, or even into quarters to maybe fit in your pocket! I love it!

As I said, I've got the pattern now for a final proofread, so I'd best get at it! I'll post again when the pattern is available to buy. SOON! (Relatively speaking, that is. ;) )


Geneviève Thiffault said...

This is super cute, nicely done! As always, Jess's fabric is gorgeous.

Also, you're 100% right, hardware is cool (and those long Wonder Clips are too).

Grandma G said...

Thank you, my friend! Yep, the long Wonder Clips reach where the short ones can't. I think you need some. :)

Kris Quilts said...

Super cute! I've been watching this one on her blog, and may give it a try... But first I should make the 6 purse patterns I've already purchased! Thanks for sharing your projects. Always fun to see what you're working on.

Jenny said...

I like it! Nice fabric choices and beautiful craftsmanship (as always!). I'm with you on the wonder clip bandwagon. Last week I loaned my entire box of 50 small clips to a friend who I am helping make a tshirt quilt with her late father's shirts. I sent her home with them and told her that if she lost any we maybe couldn't be friends anymore. :)

Grandma G said...

Thank you Kris! Your intentions list sounds a lot like mine. I'd like to see more of what you're working on! :)

Thanks, Jenny! Ooohh... you were very brave to loan out your Wonder Clips!!! I hope you get them all back... and by the time you need them again! ;)