Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The wait is over

I know some of you have been waiting patiently for the Port & Sort Tote pattern by LiEr of ikatbag blog to be available for purchase. I'm happy to tell you that the time is now! Head on over to her latest blog post to read about it, see more photos and find out where to buy it.

I'll tell you, it's a huge job to write a good pattern, and it always takes longer than one thinks it's going to. But it's finally ready, and it's been tested, scrubbed and scoured, rewritten with more photos added to make it as understandable and workable as possible, and now it's finally DONE! If you want a unique little bag that can hold any number of various goodies, yet store flat when not in use, this is the one. Here's another shot of mine, loaded up and ready to go.

You can read more details about my tote and its little companion collapsible insert in my blog post here. One little tip that I hadn't included in that post is that when making the template for the bag body, I simply printed it twice, cut out the two templates and taped them together, as opposed to LiEr's method mentioned in the pattern. Either way works just fine.

Happy sewing of your own Port & Sort Totes! Again, LiEr's blog post is here.


Megumi said...

This really makes me feel like starting sewing. It might be the time to learn it from my mom, using this pattern and Jessica Jones's fabric!!!

Grandma G said...

Hi, Megumi! This might not be the best pattern to learn on if you've never sewn before. I'd sure want to start with something simpler myself. Maybe your mom should make one first and decide if it'd be a good one for you to try. There are some pretty thick seams, some of them curved, that might be pretty challenging.

Megumi said...

Okay, thank you for your advice. I've sewn simple things, but not like my mom who sews whenever she can. (She is teaching quilts.) I didn't have to sew because I could easily ask her to make something. Good and bad. Yeah, I think I'll start from easier things, but this one is what I really want to have!

Grandma G said...

If you want to start making bags, Megumi, I highly recommend Dog Under My Desk patterns. Beginners can make them because her patterns are like mini sewing lessons. Right now they're all 25% off, too, for members of the Facebook group. It's a fun group with lots of sewing inspiration!