Monday, March 24, 2008

Bald eagles!

Bald eagles don't nest around here, but occasionally (rarely, actually) we'll see them passing through. Late Saturday afternoon, hubby called me on his way home, saying he'd seen some and asking if I wanted to take pictures of them. Of course I jumped at the chance, since I'd only seen ONE in my life before (last year right in our own trees here, in fact). So he picked me up and away we went. They were only a couple miles from our home. I did manage to get some decent pictures, considering I was trying to hurry, fearing they'd fly away, and the battery was low in my camera, so it was sluggish. But even if I hadn't gotten photos, I'd have been excited just to have seen them! There were about 8 of them.


Anonymous said...

We love the awesome pics of the eagles. How lucky to have had the chance to see them all.

That sunrise is gorgeous. You should be designing greeting cards from your collection of great shots.

Of course we can't say enough about the cute little doll featured in your blog. Nice job.
Doug and Grace

Swiss Ms. said...

neat, looks just like a stamp!

Grandma G said...


I 'am' designing greeting cards from my photos... but only for my personal use. :-)

Yep, the little doll's the best! And she get cuter every day... at least in her grandmas' eyes (and grandpas' and mommy's and daddy's) :-)