Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!


(Unfortunately, the above photo was not taken this morning. I wish we'd had that much sunshine today, but we had more little white thingies than we did sunshine.)

I hope all of you have a beautiful Easter, celebrating with family and/or friends. And I hope the reason we celebrate Easter... the resurrection of our Lord... touches each of your hearts with special meaning.

On a little more secular/traditional note... you know, the Easter bunnies and chickies thing... I have to show you what I made for Courtney for Easter. In my blog reading, I happened to come across a pattern for making a stuffed bunny. I still had some pieces left of the Modern Flora fabric Jess designed (see it here), so I decided to use some of each piece to make "Flora". Here's how she turned out.

Go ahead... you can laugh. Jess thought it was hilarious! :-)))

An evening update:

"Such lovely fabrics!"

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