Monday, March 31, 2008

Very mysterious!!!

This is so strange. Last evening about 6:30 I went out to the machine shed to feed my cats... had the oven heating for pizza so didn't even take the time to pet any of them... was away from the house for less than 5 minutes (and even only that long because it was slow picking my way around the muddy heifer tracks). When I came back in, I noticed tracks of still-wet packed mud on the floor going into the kitchen. I assumed Hubby had stepped into the house for something, since he was in the yard when I went out. But when he came in a bit later and I pointed out "his" muddy tracks, he claimed innocence!

Then I thought perhaps our son had stopped in for a quick visit to show off his new "toy", and finding me not in the house, had just left again. However, a quick phone call to him came up with another claim of innocence!

A closer look at the driveway showed what looked like fresh vehicle tracks turned up toward the garage, so apparently someone HAD indeed been there and left again. But WHO???

The really strange thing was that whoever it was either didn't bother to ring the doorbell, or did and the doorbell didn't work, because neither of my cats seemed spooked when I came in. And Willow ALWAYS shoots immediately for under the bed when the doorbell rings. And since neither of them seemed alarmed, it seemed as if WHOEVER it was possibly didn't even say anything, because an unknown voice would have also scared them. Or else it was someone they know!

Hubby thought perhaps it was the neighbor across the field, because he'd noticed their garage door open at one point. So curiosity got the best of me, and I called over there this morning to find out, although I couldn't imagine him having stepped clear into the kitchen like that unless it was an emergency of some kind. Well, his wife is quite sure he's innocent, too, although she's going to double-check when he gets home tonight.

So now I have no idea WHO or WHY. I am totally baffled. And yes, it really BUGS ME! If you have any clues or ideas, do let me know!


P.S. I suppose in keeping with the theme of this blog, I should have taken pics of the evidence, but unfortunately I wasn't thinking of blogging about it at the time. So picture in your mind about 3 steps worth of packed mud, and fresh vehicle tracks in the gravel. ;-)


Anonymous said...

"Spooky Music in Background" Who could it beee? When ever strange things like that happen here we blame Doug's Mother or Father (who died in this house).
We have two cribs set up in different bedrooms and when ever one of the grandbabies will not fall asleep in the doll room we say --
Great-Grandma Effie is rocking in the little antique sewing rocker and is keeping them awake. (:-) Let me know if you solve the mystery. Did the intruder get far enough into the kitchen to have used the phone? Was there a big bite out of the pizza? Are either of the cats talking?
More snow and it is not my fault. !!Grace

Grandma G said...

Believe me, Grace, I've been thinking of you as this white stuff's been falling! ;-)

Yeah, the intruder could've used the phone. But he/she would've had to have been an older person... someone old enough to remember how to use a rotary dial phone! (The kids claim they're antiques. I guess that makes us antiques, too. Can't deny it. Maybe 'vintage' is the word for today, though.) LOL Maybe the phone's a clue! ;-)

The pizza was intact. Probably a little hard to bite when it was still frozen solid... not in the oven yet.

And no, I haven't gotten a word out of the cats yet!!!

Swiss Ms. said...

Hmm... truly a case for CSI. Can you get your hands on a UV light? Or maybe you could substitute a flashlight in the dark -- that always seems to work. In any case, good luck with your mystery!