Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More for the bird lovers

On the way back from taking the bald eagle pics, we drove past a little pond that had a lot of ducks on the open water. I managed to get a quick photo...

...before they flew away.

Checking with my Kaufman bird book (thanks J&A!), I found the ducks to be Lesser Scaup. Yeah, weird name, huh? They don't nest around here. They were on their way to western Canada.


megan's mom said...

I so enjoy looking at your photos! What type of camera do you use? I love my Canon digital (it's about 3or 4 yrs old, so not the very latest edition), but now that 2 of my grandchildren move so fast, I find I mostly get pics of the sides or backs of their heads.

Grandma G said...

Hi Megan's mom... glad you enjoy the photos!

My camera is a Kodak Z740. I got it 2½ years ago, and I love it. It has 10x optical zoom, which is really nice.

I know what you mean about the kids moving too fast! That's why I'm putting more movies up of Courtney lately... I can capture the action that way... but I even almost have to "run" behind her with the camera to get those. :-)

One tip I might suggest for better photos, though... use the viewfinder instead of the LCD screen for lining up the pics. I've found that there's just a little bit of lag time between what's actually happening and what's on the screen, so you can miss some good shots by the time it shows up on the screen. I usually only use the LCD screen if I'm taking a close up of something 'still'.

Hope that helps. Otherwise just take LOTS of pics, and delete the ones that aren't good. :-)

megan's mom said...

Thanks for the tips. I didn't think about lag time looking at the LCD screen. Speaking of video, you should see me at the airport--toting all the camera stuff I need for a visit to the grandbabies! (No way I'd pack it in my checked luggage.)