Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Things are growing in the garden. I have some tiny bell peppers.

And a few very little tomatoes. They've recovered nicely after being tasted by the deer. You can see the stumps on the right side there where they were bitten off.

These next 2 photos are day lilies that will soon be blooming.

This is my lone stargazer lily that was given to me by a dear friend right after my dad died in 1991, as a remembrance gift. It has bloomed every year, but hasn't seemed really healthy the last couple of years. It gets brown, rotted-looking spots on the buds and flowers, and if the buds survive, they don't open right. Any ideas what the problem is? Disease of some kind? The leaves are pale again this year, but so far the buds are doing okay.

And back at the bachelor pad, it's not lonely anymore. Lotsa potential there, right? ;-)

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