Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Uh oh!

What's this???


Go away!

Unfortunately, it did go away before Hubby finished chores last night and could get after it with the gun. Actually, I'd have shot it myself if it hadn't been so close to the house at the time. But I sure didn't want that smell around here. So, the camera was the next best thing. ;-)


Anonymous said...

WHAT A HOOT! BEEN THERE--DONE THAT. WHEW THEY STINK. WHAT REALLY STINKS IS TO CATCH ONE IN THE LIVE TRAP THAT IS SUPPOSED TO GET RACOONS. You have an exciting farm yard. Keep the camera handy. Next you may have a buffalo on your yard next. Grace

Grandma G said...

What?! You've seen a buffalo in the area?!!! Great!! Camera's ready! ;-)