Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last night

We had our first ripe cantaloupe of the season for supper last night... it was soooo good! I'm sorry, Jess 'n Alex, that it wasn't ripe when you were here. The heat of Sunday and Monday really spurred along the ripening process. You just should've stayed a couple more days! But look at that nice ORANGE color, will ya? :-)

More ORANGE... this was our sunset from last night. (Click to view larger.)

And from the other direction.

The heat from the weekend (upper 80's Sun. & Mon.) sure disappeared. It only made it into the mid-60's yesterday, and was mid-40's overnight. Brrrr! I hope there's still a little summer left, or at least a mild fall. I'm sure not ready for winter yet!!

On another note... yes, I took tons of pics over the weekend. Like 140+ ! And some more of Courtney yesterday. I just need to do some weeding and sorting yet, and get them organized to put on here. So stay tuned... they'll be here in the next few days! ;-)

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