Sunday, September 7, 2008

Poll Results

The results of the poll "My blog page seems to be loading slower than it used to for me. How is it for you?" are as follows:

  • It's fast for me (6 votes)
  • A bit slow, but I don't mind (1 vote)
  • It's a pain to wait for it (1 vote)
  • I'm on dialup and it takes forever (0 votes)

First off, I'll say that I'm surprised at the low number of voters. I KNOW that there are more people than that who view the blog! If you're one who didn't vote, would you mind telling me why? There's a link to email me in the righthand column... just click on it. If the poll doesn't work for you, I'd like to know that and do something to fix it.

I'm glad my blog page loads fast for at least the majority of voters. As for the one person for whom it loads painfully slowly... I'm sorry. Maybe your internet provider is a slow one like mine is, and that is, indeed, a pain sometimes! This morning it took over 30 seconds to load my blog the first time. Once the images are in my computer's cache, it loads more quickly the next time.

The only thing I can do to speed things up is to post less photos at a time. Or quit posting videos. Or, I could have only one post show per page, but that would mean that for anybody going back to view older posts, they could only view one post at a time, which could be a pain in itself. I could also remove some or all of the photos in the right sidebar, which I hate to do because I think they're special.

Let me know what you think (via a comment or email). I'm open to suggestions!

Thanks to those who took the time to note the page load time, and to vote!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I say "If it ain't broke--don't fix it" and we enjoy all of your blog posts. If people have the time to look up a blog page they have 30 seconds to wait for the adorable videos to load.

Unbiased opinion of Grandma H.

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Grace, for your "unbiased opinion"! ;-)

30 seconds is a long time to wait in this speed-oriented computer age, though. Spoiled, aren't we? We forget the dialup days so FAST!!