Sunday, September 14, 2008

Poll Results

The results of the poll 'Which is the "correct" way for toilet paper to come off the roll at your house?' are as follows:

  • Over the top, of course (8 votes)
  • Definitely from underneath (2 votes)
  • Whichever way the person who changes the roll puts it (1 vote)
  • Either way - I like variety (0 votes)
  • I couldn't care less (0 votes)
  • I've never noticed a difference (or changed a roll) (0 votes)

"Over the top" wins by a landslide! Interestingly, I received emails from both of the voters who voted for "underneath"... assuring me that they were right. ;-) One gave a possible vote-swaying reason, though:

  • "The reason for that is as toddlers sit next to it and do that constant little pat pat pat on the soft roll--it does not unroll itself like it does when hung over the roll."

A good thought for parents or grandparents of little ones!

In our house, the roll in the basement bathroom goes over the top. However, in the upstairs bathroom, it goes sideways! When we built our house, our plumber installed the holder into the wall, and for some reason put it sideways. And it turns out that's a pretty good way to have it... kids (or cats) can't unroll it as fast from either direction. But of course it 'must' unroll from the left. ;-)

Thanks to all who voted! My only question is: Where is it written that MEN are not to change a toilet paper roll???

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