Friday, September 12, 2008

Lovely designs

As I was watering some houseplants last night, I noticed that my red prayer plant is looking exceptional right now. Just thought I'd share it with you.

Cool design, huh?

Actually, I thought about having you try to guess what it was from that last pic, but decided it might be too easy... for some, at least. Would you have known?


Anonymous said...

Golly, That is a beautiful plant. I have never seen a red one before.

I had been given a green one by a friend who's Mother had passed away and they had so many beautiful plants. I was her mom's nurse so she brought a half dozen plants to the clinic for me to choose which one I wanted.

I guess it did not like me or my green house conditions or lack of such environment and it died.

What is your secret? What light does it get? Did I over water it? Grace

Grandma G said...

Oh, dear... I shouldn't even tell you about the lack of care this poor plant gets! It's been in the same pot for many, many years, and I probably water it once a week, with plant food every couple months if it's lucky. Maybe it thrives on neglect!

Even its location is 'iffy'. It sits on the top of a cabinet (higher than my head), trailing down over the edge. It's in a south room but never gets sunlight because it's up so high. That's it.

I also have a green prayer plant, and it's very old, too, but it doesn't look quite as nice. It, however, is down just below the window, so it gets a little bit of sunlight, depending on the time of year.

Great secret, huh? ;-)