Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My new tool

It's a CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator.

It's like a little mini hoe. It's awesome! You can weed in the rows and get right up next to the veggie plants to get the weeds. And for big weeds it's great because you can hook it down in the dirt behind the weed and pull while you tug on the weed with your other hand, and it really helps get those weeds and roots out of there instead of breaking the weed off and leaving the roots behind. I finally completed weeding my entire (30 ft.?) row of asparagus, thanks to this great tool, and that was no little job, considering the weeds were solid in there and some of them were over a foot tall. Yay to the CobraHead!!


grace said...

Good for you but my asparagus patch needs a tandam disc. No foolin. weeds a foot tall would be infants in our patch. And that is not even on my LIST of things to do before Saturday. Wow, 30 feet of asparagus--you could have a truck farm. How's the rest of the garden? we have not eaten anything from the garden except one tomato, about three weeks ago, that was on the plant when we bought it. I suppose everything will come on when we are on vacation for two weeks.

Grandma G said...

The rest of the garden is doing well, but it's slow. I didn't get it planted till around the 1st of June, so it's late to begin with, then the cool weather isn't helping any. I'm not gonna see a ripe tomato for weeks yet. Would've at least had one nice big one (tho probably not ripe yet) by now, but the entire plant got chewed down to about 6 inches by deer early on. Grrrr! They (it?) removed the plastic that was covering it, even!! The plant has come back nicely, but it only has one half-inch tomato on it so far. There are bigger ones on the other plant.

But my garden is CLEAN, at least! :-) I finished it a couple days ago. So now I can finally get back to some serious sewing, which is a good thing, since the last 2 bags sold out of the shop yesterday.

Hope you have a great "Christmas" this weekend, and a WONDERFUL vacation!

Anonymous said...

Does that Cobra have a poisonous bite?

Sometimes you just need the right tool. The cobra looks like it would have merit.
Sometime, I will have to show you the monster hoe I made from a cutting blade from the silage chopper head.
It also bites.


Grandma G said...

Poisonous? I don't know yet. I'll tell you after it bites me.

Does Grandpa know you stole a blade from the chopper? No wonder it isn't cutting right!