Sunday, July 26, 2009

Poll Results

The results of the poll "Do you miss the polls?" are as follows:

  • Yes (5 votes)
  • No (0 votes)

Hmmm.... only 5 voters. Now I KNOW I have more viewers than that. I guess either nobody wanted to disappoint me by voting "no", or else they've gotten so used to there being no poll that they didn't even notice this one.

Well, thanks to those of you who did vote! I'll try to come up with new polls a little more often. I'd sure appreciate your suggestions for topics, though. (Hint, hint!) ;-)

C'mon, the rest of you. Now that you've seen this post, you know the polls are back, so let's have a little more participation, okay? It's just all in fun... my fun, at least. :-)

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