Friday, July 24, 2009

Who is this masked man???

Haven't we seen that "CAT" somewhere before?

Courtney seems to look up to him.

Eeuww... but look what he "made" her do! (Watch for video evidence on that at a later date.) All that white stuff (corn dust) on her shirt is what the masked man would've been breathing in if he hadn't had the mask on when he was cleaning out the bin.

She seems to have an assistant on the side, too. (And a jar of bubble stuff in her hand that may have made her shirt a little sticky in the first place.)

Here he is again... with the mask in a different place. Well, by gosh it's Daddy! And now he's "teaching" her how to wash her hands like farmers do.

Which of course Courtney loved.

What I didn't get a photo of is when she, with her newly clean and wet hands, reached down and rubbed at some black dirt... and then decided to take a big lick from her hand. Eeeeeuuuwww! Her whole tongue was black... and she discovered it didn't taste so good. ;-) So then we went back to the house to a hose and rinsed off the black stuff. More on that later.

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