Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sometimes ya just gotta pretend

Grandma bought Courtney a little wading pool. Unfortunately, the weather was not the best for trying it out last Tuesday. But Courtney saw it when she was in the garage, so of course she had to check it out. We decided that we'd bring it into the house to play in. Hey, it was almost as much fun as if it had water in it! ;-)

(Click to enlarge.)

Willow tried to get into the act, too. Courtney tried to get Willow into the pool, but she wasn't too agreeable to that. Courtney's daycare babies did come in and play later, though.


Jess said...

Willow in the middle made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Jess's comment made me look more closely to analyze the layout.
I see Willow in diagonal pattern, then I noticed that Courtney's head is not screwed on right in the upper right. You'll have to photoshop it straight.


Grandma G said...

Oh, Dale.... I'm too tired to even think of a proper comeback to that one! ;-)