Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grandma's extra helper

Niece Alexandra from Pennsylvania stopped by for a while on Tuesday to play with Courtney. They had fun with the toys, the sandbox, "squiggles" (although Courtney decided it was great fun to crush them... argh), checking out the kittens, etc. The best part (for Grandma, anyway) was story time. While they enjoyed the book, Grandma was able to get supper ready for Courtney without interruption. :-) Thanks, Alexandra!

Did Courtney enjoy story time? Yep! See below.

I think there was some extra "CHEESE!" there. ;-D


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, lots of cheese.

I just picked up 3 40 lb bags at Bone Adventure. Will deliver end of month. I've been busy at LC lately so I'm catching up on my email and on your news too.
Looks like Courtney is having a very educational summer. So many new things to see and do.
I'll bet Alexandra enjoyed the reading session.


live a colorful life said...

Fun times. Charlotte is a HUGE "monkey George" fan, as she calls him. Her 2nd birthday had Curious George as the theme. This year she has told her mother she wants "chocolate" for her birthday. Definitely her mother's daughter...

Grandma G said...

Thanks, Dale... no hurry!

Chocolate sounds like the absolute BEST birthday, Cindy! Mmmmm!