Friday, December 11, 2009

The beauty after the storm

Sick of seeing snow pics yet? (Actually, I'm only posting these photos to torture a certain person in California.) ;-)

(Click any photo to enlarge.)

The real beauty of it is that if it hadn't been for those evergreens, much of that snow would be on our driveway, but thanks to them it's not! ;-)


JHRME said...

Im getting back into bed...under my warm warm covers! Haha So were those evergreens strategically planted?

Grandma G said...

Yes, they definitely were! Lotsa years ago, and they've finally in the last few years gotten big enough to do some good. And they're a big pain (literally sometimes) to mow around. ;-\

JHRME said...

Hmmmm maybe someday theyll get big enough to where you wont have to mow around them? Also hmm...I wonder if thats why theres always a line of trees around the farm houses near Moscow ID. I could never figure out why theyd want to baricade themselves off from the view of the rolling hills...I guess snow and blowing winds would do it!

Grandma G said...

I probably won't have to mow in between them 'in the rows' eventually (in another 10 years or so for some of them ;-\ ), but I'll still have to mow 'between the rows' and up next to the trees. I wouldn't mind going around them if they weren't so darn prickly. I need a suit of armor. But that might get pretty hot.

Yep, that's probably why those trees are there near Moscow. Hey, you've learned something else from my blog! ;-) Anything else you'd like to know about farm life? (Uh oh! Careful what you say, Grandma!) It's really all just like Farmville!!!!