Monday, December 28, 2009

Let's take a break from WHITE for a minute

I'm tired of white. Let's back up a bit and look at something more colorful. Remember around the middle of December I told you that I had a project to work on but couldn't show you because it was a gift for someone? Well, it's been received now, so I can show (<- oh no! it's gotten to me!! I typed that word as "snow" before I corrected it! Aaaaaaaaaaack!!!) you. Here's the work in progress (a.k.a. WIP). Any guesses as to what it's going to be?

Here's the other side... I'm sure this clue is better:

No? Well, after a little trimming, it looked like this, which gives it away for sure:

Okay, I know you've all guessed it (haha!), but I'll show you, anyway.

Like it? I'm very pleased with how it turned out. It was for Jess, of course, as kind of a keepsake. I'd been saving the selvages from her fabric for a long time, with intentions of making something for her out of them, but I never could decide what to make. I follow a quite a few sewing/crafting type blogs, and somewhere along the way I came across this Quilt in a Cup kit. I decided that was 'it', and gave it a try. It was really fun to make and easy, too.

I'm amazed at some of the things people make from selvages. In fact, there's a whole blog about selvage items. If you're interested, check out the Selvage Blog. At least scroll down the right sidebar and see some of the items. There's even a whole dress! Amazing!!

I also got a selvage item as a Christmas gift! I'll show you in another post later......


JHRME said...

That is the BEST! Love it! Soooo creative! Colors: fab! Funny thought though...the selvages are white (with color print) Maybe its time to do some writing in the snow? Make your own real world selvage. Waterbottle filled with some koolaid (no sugar needed) then poke a whole in the lid and you can make your own designs! Chalk for the snow!

Grandma G said...


Writing in the snow sounds like a fun idea... Courtney would love that! As for me, I'd like to paint everything a solid green! ;) Today the "paint" might freeze before it hits the snow. Okay, not really, but it's around zero at the moment.