Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Window washing... why?

Yesterday, with Courtney's "help", I finally finished washing my windows. Just in time, too, according to the weather forecast which says we'll have nothing above freezing for the next week at least. I always put plastic over some of the windows, too, which I did on these kitchen ones yesterday.

I'll tell you, I've never been asked SO MANY QUESTIONS while doing windows before! Most of them started with "why". And sometimes that was the whole question. And sometimes (when she couldn't think of anything else to ask?) it was: "Grandma?" "What?" "Grandma?" "What?" "Grandma?" "WHAT!" "Grandma!" "Courtney?" ...Silence... 'Course that silence only lasted two seconds. ;-)

Also, Courtney was fascinated with the ladder. So when I wanted to step down, it was either gone... or occupied.

Anyway, we got the job done. And I'm not complaining, mind you. It was delightful having company while I worked. And she was happy, so what more could we ask for? :-)


JHRME said...

Why do you have to clean the windows before it freezes? Does freexing weather do something to windows? Is it because its freezing all day and the cleaner would stick? Why do you put up plastic?
(I can relate to Courtney)

Grandma G said...

I can tell a California gal when I hear one. ;) I wash my windows from inside the house (thus the ladder... and I was climbing on the countertop around the sinks... fun - ha), which means I crank them wide open to do the outsides... which lets in a lot of cold air, for one thing. Also, yes... the cleaner would freeze on and I wouldn't be able to wipe it off if it were freezing outside. I put up plastic to keep out drafts, to prevent ice from building up on the window sills, and to add another layer of insulating air between the cold and me! When it gets down below zero with a howling wind, I find it's totally worth my efforts, believe me! :)

It's currently about 20°, BTW... and snowing. See? Got my windows done just in time! And for further info... in case you wonder why I don't wash them earlier while it's warmer out, I wait for a hard freeze first to kill the bugs so they don't mess them up again right away. We usually get some kind of warmup (Indian summer) after that, although there have been a few times I've done them with it just barely above freezing and snow in the air. Not fun... but doable. :)

(I can relate you to Courtney, too... but I bet she'd outlast you!) ;D

grace said...

That is such a good answer to all the questions from your California connection. You could also have mentioned how useless it is to wash the windows until all the crops have been harvested and the trucks stop their constant dusty trail up to the yard, not to mention the bee's wings that fill the window sills when the corn is moved into the grain bins. Also I Laughed when I visualized your ladder moving away when you are stranded on the kitchen counter one foot in each sink(if you do it same as I do). Good job done and just in the nick of time.

Grandma G said...

Right on, Grace!

Gee, will I have to explain "bee's wings" now? ;-)

JHRME said...

Bees wings? What are those? Wheat shells? Like the flaky layer around a peanut under the shell?

Grandma G said...

Good guess! They are tiny (maybe 1/8" x 1/8") bits of chaff from the corncob. I was going to suggest a google search, but in doing it myself, I didn't find any pics (other than mixed in with a bunch of kernels - or actual wings on honey bees)! Probably because they're so tiny they're too hard to photograph. Which gives me a challenge. I may just have to try. I bet I could even find a few in Grandpa's bathroom! ;)