Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If you think it's snowy now...

(Click to enlarge.)

.... just wait! The next few days sound very interesting, to say the least!


JHRME said...

What a winter wonderland! It looks so pretty, so picturesque...I'm just not sure if I could enjoy it?

Anonymous said...

Just wait till the wind hits all that pretty snow on the tress will be down the road.

Your previous post of the Hoar frost pictures are amazing. How do you explain a hoar frost to some one who has never seen one? Hoar frosts are my most favorite weather phenomenon, every stick, leaf, wire, any thing that can hold an ice crystal is covered.

Two years ago I was home during Christmas to help clean up my parents house and the morning I was leaving I woke to the most amazing hoar frost. I took picturs and enlarged one that is in our family room. I was so exited to show every one, but I realized if you have never seen one in real life it just looks like a nice black and white picture even though it is in color.

Thanks for your great pictures and yes I would love to be sitting in the house with a blizzard blowing as long as didn't have to go milk cows.

Merry Christmas

live a colorful life said...

Gorgeous pictures. If you get snowed in, I hope it is AFTER J&A get there!