Friday, December 4, 2009

Corn bees' wings

There seems to be a lack of information, not to mention images, of corn bees' wings on the internet. So this post shall rectify that (and hopefully answer JHRME's questions). ;-)

Bees' wings are tiny bits of chaff from the corn cob. Here's what they look like, with a pen for size comparison.

Here's a closer look, albeit not terribly clear.

Yep, they're just teeny-tiny little bits of 'stuff', very thin, and they blow around easily. When unloading corn into the grain bins, these little "wings" float around everywhere. The ground gets covered, sometimes even several inches deep, depending on the wind. Of course, if it's windy, they blow all over the place... and end up on trees, houses, lawns, windows, people, people's eyes, etc. I wanted to get a pic of them on the ground, but unfortunately today the ground is covered with something else. It's white. See below.

So now you know.


JHRME said...

I feel smarter! Thank you!Are bees wings always hanging around or is there a time one can avoid them?

Grandma G said...

You ARE smarter! Now you can tell Mark you know what bees' wings are... he'll be proud of you. ;) You're welcome.

No, they mostly only bother during the process of handling the corn. If they get rained (or snowed) on, it sticks 'em down pretty good. Although I've found that running the lawn mower through them can be nasty. ;(

Anonymous said...

I never new they were called Bees's wings? All I ever knew is if they get in your clothes they itch, if you ever had to try to clean up the piles it was a pain and if you ever got them in your mouth from a gust of wind they didn't taste good.

Thanks for a great reminder all be it not always good but none the less one of those small memories and events in life that I treasure and miss "seeing".

love to look at the snow pictures.


P.S. I going to tell JHRME you just made up the name "Bee wings" and tell her they are corn cobb chads hence the use of chads in the voting process known as hanging chads.

Grandma G said...

Mark, I think you've been gone from MN for too long! ;)

Well, these "chads" do hang all over the place for a while. Keep me posted on how the debate goes with JHRME! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll bet there are not many places on the entire internet where you could get any better info on bees wings ( the corn cob kind ).
With pictures and all.

Your snow pictures look a little flakey/sparkley too.


Grandma G said...

Thanks, Dale. And yeah, the snow was very flakey... I was hoping to capture the sparkles, but didn't do 'em justice.