Friday, February 5, 2010

Finally.... COLOR

Well, only 6 weeks after Christmas, I finally got my paintings hung! I don't procrastinate, do I? It was mostly a problem of out-of-sight-out-of-mind. Since I haven't been doing any sewing lately, the only time I've been in that room is to exercise, and then I never had time to work on putting them up. But today I finally somehow remembered them and got them on the wall. Maybe it was because I'm sooo sick of looking at all the white outside! (And it continues to get whiter.)

These pics do not do the paintings justice at all. I had to use the flash, because with all the snow in front of the window, it's just too dark in there, so they look kind of washed out (especially the center one). Just imagine the colors a little bolder and brighter.

Not perfect, but not toooo bad a job of hanging them, since I did it by myself, and also considering that one of the hangers that came on them was slightly off-center. Good enough for me.

I love them. They really brighten up the room. Now I'm getting in the mood to sew again. Good thing, huh Cindy? ;-)


Becky said...

Those are so full of life! Did you paint them?

Grandma G said...

Aha! I caught you not paying attention, Becky! Or paying too much attention to the ice inside my windows. Or maybe just not remembering. Or something. ;)

Probably my fault for procrastinating so long after mentioning them in this post. I guess not everyone was awaiting them with bated breath. LOL

The brief answer: no, I didn't paint them. Neither did Jess. :)

And no, you may not do this: :-Þ

Becky said...

You is a stinker GG!!

Look, last night I bought 3 little packages of sewing machine needles. Today I could not find them anywhere! Finally, after about an hour of searching, there they were hanging on the thread rack, right beside my sewing machine!

So how do you expect me to remember what you are going to do eventually!?!?!! :-P

I still they are purdy!!

And I am worrying about all that ice and snow piled up over? your windows. Yikes.

live a colorful life said...

I'm glad someone is in the mood to sew. Oh, wait. I'm definitely in the MOOD, so what is my problem? Oh, yes. Taxes. Having to prepare taxes for the CPA. THEN I can enjoy having fun in my sewing room without guilt.

JHRME said...

I like it. I like it a lot!